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QB001–––Quick Barrier Wallet (top opening)

QB002–––Quick Barrier 2 Metre

QB004–––Quick Barrier 4 Metre

QB006–––Quick Barrier 6 Metre

QB012–––Quick Barrier 12 Metre

SP002–––Work Area Safety Pack (WASP) 2 Metre

SP004–––Work Area Safety Pack (WASP) 4 Metre

SP006–––Work Area Safety Pack (WASP) 6 Metre

SP012–––Work Area Safety Pack (WASP) 12 Metre

AC001–––Laminated Permit to Work Pages

AC002–––Indelible Pen

AC004–––90° Rotation Strap

AC005–––Webbing Holder


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Call: +44 (0) 01382 223 734

Fax: +44 (0) 01382 201 799

Email:  sales@pwgsigns.com

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